Pat's Airchecks On:


XHTZ Z90 San Diego


WKSE Kiss 98.5 Buffalo


WGFM 99GFM Albany


WTFX 94.1 The Fox Madison

94.1 The Fox ID 1

94.1 The Fox ID 2 


WPST 97.5 PST Trenton


WGY-FM Electric99 Albany


WJLK K94 Asbury Park

More K94


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.:Radio Memories 


Straight out of college, I was hired to do COUNTRY of all things at WMJS Prince Frederick, MD. The station truly was at the end of a dirt road off a secondary road in the middle of nowhere. I quickly got over the "romance" that being on the radio was having "hit it big time", especially at $87 per week.


Stop 3 was a storefront in the Catskill region of NY. The station was mostly automated, but I was the live morning show. While the station's owners liked to use the positioner "98 Three, The numbers That Add Up To Great Music", we preferred "98 Three, The numbers That Add Up To 101."


WECQ was CQ102, The Fingerlakes Music FM. I had more fun here than any other place I worked in radio. Many of us are still in the business, and still in contact. There's a photo gallery you can check out here, thanks to photos from Dave Weinfeld and Lew Snodgras.



97.5 WPST is gone now, but what a signal it had in it's day. "From The Shore To The Poconos" was one of the liners we used.


I started out in afternoons, but was quickly moved to mornings, where I lasted for a bit longer than a cup of coffee. I believe PST's claim to fame was being the single biggest pick up point for FedEx as we were constantly sending out tapes and resumes. 


WJLK was owned by The Asbury Park Press back then. We took the station from being a sleepy AC to a Hot AC that launched the careers of more than a few NY and nationally known personalities. One who didn't really make it was our studio mascot (pictured above-right), the JLK bottled dog.


We signed on this station with an ID that said "Finally, Wisconsin has a radio station that doesn't suck." Suffice to say, we weren't all that popular across the street. Then again, we kicked their butt in 6 months.